General Surgeon with Special Interest in Upper GI Surgery


 2022- Funds granted by the Charities of East Kent – £7500 for our proposed research on “Gut Microbiome in Gall stone disease” In Process of submitting the IRAS form (ethics approval form). 

2005- 2008:

Research Registrar (at Bristol Royal Infirmary with Bristol University) on:

1) The role of Contrast Enhanced Intraoperative ultrasound for the detection of colorectal liver metastasis (Bristol, UK)

2)  Contrast enhanced Intraoperative ultrasound for the detection of liver metastases during primary colorectal surgery. (Bristol, UK)

3) The role of staging laparoscopy and ultrasound in the staging of HPB cancers (Bristol)


Related to Gall bladder disease

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Related to Liver:
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